On the virtue of patience, on the virtue of impatience

Nothing like remaining calm during a time when everything seems to be in chaos. Taking deep breaths, being able to relax and enjoy life while the alarms of a climate catastrophe awakes the minds and bodies of people for action.


Some patience is needed to explain the dangers of current lifestyles, some patience is needed for the hatred and disbelief, and some patience is needed towards our own selves to understand how we fit in all of this, when we are deep into the unknown future and it’s scary to believe in what is being told.

We need patience, yes. But we also need a heavy dose of impatience.

We need impatience towards the corporations and governments who promote unregulated and unsustainable use of the world’s resources. We need impatience towards the heavy debauchary happening in society where everything is game as long as it makes money and influences people.

We need impatience towards those who harm people and wildlife, we need impatience with ourselves to understand where can we take action and when should we retreat.

We need both patience and impatience equally in order to face what is in front of our eyes, to not allow this to disrupt our sense of self and morality, but at the same time to not allow the destruction of the planet and it’s inhabitants.

It’s the first time in the World’s history when the climate change we’re facing is man-made. We need man-made solutions, and for that we need patience with those who are actively seeking solutions and change, and a lot of impatience towards those who refuse to change anything and keep defending values that harm themselves, others and the planet out of both ingenuity and belief that things will change by miracle.

We eagerly need patience towards each other, on whichever polar opposite of the moral fence we are, but we need impatience towards the change of those rotten values we so desperately need right now.

How do we go about seeding both patience and impatience, then, isn’t it counterintuitive?

Actually, no it’s not. We all have polar opposites of emotions and traits inside of us that come out when we most need them. That’s why they exist! A stable and balanced person understands we need both to remain healthy. It’s accurate to have anger towards those who destroy what we fought so hard to build and maintain, it’s inaccurate to blame and have anger towards those who help us.

This stability can be acheived by understanding and responding instead of reacting. A pause to think things through instead of hanging on to our beliefs and be cruel about anything, or to be funny or because we truly believe it to be correct, sometimes brings us the awareness that any kind of cruelty is not only not ok, as it is harmful for ourselves, others and the environment we live in.

It comes to show that now more than ever, we need to face what we own inside of us and understand where our values truly lay.

Do we value money more than the ability to be alive?

Do we value consumerism more than the future of our children?

Do we value fast cars more than we value the oxygen we breathe?

These may seem like no-brainer questions, but a lot of people struggle to answer this as they know of no other reality.

So, how to bring about change? Impatient patience towards this change?