Mental health, activism and social support.

During Climate Strike and with all that is going on in the world at the moment, it’s important to remember that this type of issues bring about a lot of undealt with anxiety and other emotions, a lot of anger from all sides and a lot, a lot of hatred.

The world of social justice is filled with anger and hatred and division, lack of understanding points of views and most of all, lack of support for the one’s who don’t want to deal with those kind of realities.

I’ve been an activist for most of my life now, since my early teens. And I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues since. I had a huge meltdown and burn out in 2013, and for much of my surprise the enormous lack of support came precisely from fellow activists themselves.

Two or three of them called to want to know how I was doing, but even so I was met with blame, guilt trips, hatred, condescendence, paternalism and other issues, like I couldn’t possibly think or feel for myself in any valid way due to mental health issues.

A lot of my problems came from both childhood trauma as also I was a victim of domestic violence, the fact that I hid these problems inside and refused to face them for years, made me develop a lot of anxiety, depression, addiction issues and other consequences that took years to treat. I’m well now, completely recovered, and for much of my dismay, I see the same guilt trippers and blame throwers talking about justice for abused women, and other concerns that they, as human beings, failed to support back to health.

So, instead, their hatred fills the living room with ignorance about mental health facts, about the realities of abuse that happens behind closed doors, towards both men and women alike, and how the hatred spread through these medias enter’s the homes and lives of these persons and blinds them to the reality of the urgency for unity and social support.

It’s interesting that a global network of people who talk about no borders and no system, develops invisible walls and systems of thought control and judgement, in their ignorance about the matters they speak about, or complete hypocrisy about their own actions. It’s all beautiful in the sunshine, but when you meet the darkness of it all, all illusion falls and you’re left thinking “where did humanity go?”.

I’ve been witnessing the absurdity of adults attacking children because of lack of responsibility, when the adults themselves lack the responsibility of making a better world and lead by example towards the children, and hence their need to strike. This obvious matter is not brought into the light so much, as there are more important things to do right now than to focus on healing intergenerational trauma, or so some might think.

In October there will be a free to access Online Summit on Healing Collective Trauma - Here’s the link.

I think it’s important to understand that these issues that the social justice movements are facing, arise mostly from intergenerational trauma. As a collective, humanity must come together and heal itself in order to survive.

We are angry because we don’t really understand what’s happening, despite making it seem to everyone else like we do. We don’t. We don’t understand mass extinction, we don’t understand not being able to survive heat waves. We don’t understand them because we never lived this before. We might have an idea, and we want to avoid it, but it’s no wonder that there is so much anger and hatred, it’s ignorance and it’s no one’s fault.

These kids protesting are dealing with issues we can’t possible understand because a lot of us had secure childhoods where most of our problems resided in this girl or boy who liked us or not. We don’t understand what it is like to be a child and have a toxic wasteland as a future prospect for our World.

A lot of us won’t even be here to see it, but they will. They want children and grandchildren. They want happiness, families and to travel this beautiful world like we all did when we were kids. They want to be artists, constructors, engineers, biologists. They want a future, is that too much to ask?

When facing this, adults go into denial and hatred and fill their lungs with judgements about these kids missing school, or about them not having the ability to think for themselves, or worse, that they are serving an agenda. If this agenda is to save the world, I really do hope that these kids are being paid for it.

Our ignorance has reached dangerous porportions, we turn on our friends and family because it’s difficult to look at this and think “Shoot, we destroyed the planet.” instead of facing this reality, and help build a future for these kids. Help them get support for their mental health, help them face a bright future of possibilities instead of having a life of fighting and anger and hatred and judgement and guilt trips.