Shifting Mindsets for the Creation of Solutions

Whilst watching the videos from the free course Awakening the Dreamer, from Pachamama Alliance, it is spoken on the section “How we got here”, that the “make-&-use” mindset of the planet’s resources is one of the reasons that got us here. That our dictatorship over the land is one of the main causes of disruption between the human self and the natural self.

The separation about what’s human and what’s natural, brings about a radical division about what’s us, what’s the self and focuses on our differences instead of our commonness. Racism, xenophoby, anihilation of indigenous cultures, the partake that we are somehow superior to other animals, in fact the insistance that we are, the incapacity to comprehend the wisdom of what’s natural and the assumption that it’s more natural than humankind, it’s a cognitive dissonance that we barely notice within ourselves.

In order to acheive consonance instead of dissonance, a shift in mindsets is needed. There is a whole world of knowledge to learn if we focus on what’s important to the natural self, the self that is intrisincally natural by itself, that belongs to the cosmic interconnectedness of this Universe and does not seek to destroy their home, instead builds a foundation of mutual support and shared common ground.


The recent “right-wing” rise in the world, is a reflection of this inner battle we all face, where we either choose to look at our similarities or discord our existence with the Other, beside the self.

The existence of the ego, survival-driven part of us that pays no attention to rationality or common-sense, seeks the destruction of what supposedly harms us, instead of seeking harmony on what can be a bridge of security between all that is alive on this Earth.

As an example, bacteria often disengage with single bacterial organisms that do not act for the sake of the entire system they’re in, and so do human beings act this way. The mechanism of survival of the systems we have created, make it so that those who do not actively and happily engage within the self-imposed boundaries of unregulated economical growth, are often seen as strangers to the communities. Ever tried being a vegetarian amongst hunters? Or a tree hugger between loggers? Or have mental health issues in a community seen as sane, even if not so? You can, possibly, even die for having such stances and issues, depending on the humane values of those around you.


The issue with interconnectedness is that it takes what we feel is lonesome within humanity, and makes it not only common as passible to be shared and evaluated and healed, so a loss in privacy and uniqueness is a consequence of said situation, making humanity feel included rather than isolated and excluded. This seems like a beautiful thing, but it isn’t the actual reality at the moment, so a shift in that direction makes it so we lose the false assumption of separatedness and rely on community for survival of the body, mind and environment. In a way, it is already so.

When we’re sick, we go to the doctor, when we’re hungy we seek supermarkets, when we can’t pay bills, we seek a job working with or for others. So the interconnectedness is already here, human beings are barely separate of each other, we all belong in a network cosmically designed for survival. So, how come we seek to destroy it with the illusion of false control, of false creators and false destructors? Can we not see we’re just another expression of nature?

We share opinions and divisions about what’s different, we separate the land with borders for cultural protection and economical self-sustainability, but we come together when we need to grow and act as one, like ideas such as the United States, the European Union or the United Nations. (Notice the variations of the word “unity”.)

We fight a common world union because we understand the dangerous of our own dictatoral selves. We understand that if we have a common ground, a common culture, a common ideal, it can all be manipulated into the destruction of the individual, of subcultures, into a dictatorship of one single organism for one entire big planet. Well, isn’t that what the “free market” is already? And the dangers already happened, banks were saved instead of people, deforestation happens, the degradation of soil for pastures, the anihilation of entire species, the unregulated consumerism and creation of plastics, the results as the rising sea levels, the melting of the artic, the dangers of breathing the air, of eating the food, of drinking the water. We are already at that point we fear we’d got to, so how come so many of us don’t see that? How come we still fear an apocalypse that has already happened? My assumption is that we only fear the worse, always the worse, and it can get worse, and unfortunately, without solutions, rapid changing solutions, that’s where we’re heading.

The Climate Strike kids warn us about mass extinction and are told to go back to school. Occupy Movement warned us about the dangers of the capitalist unregulated growth, were told to find jobs. We stop eating meat for the sake of the animals, planet and our own health and are labelled as not being completely part of this system.

So another separation is happening and it’s a blatant one, those who are seeking and walking towards the collapse not only of civilization and the modern world, as to the ecosystems in which we rely in, making it impossible for future generations to even live and breathe on this planet, and those who actively seek solutions and find common ground and share the support of what we call humane values.

Humane values of charity and kindness, of mutual support and understanding, of learning and teaching, of a free society made of shared commonness and the interest of the survival of this interconnectedness of the natural self with it’s surroundings are being called on us to bring the fruits of a better tomorrow.

What call will you reply to?