Strong and Wild Women

Women, this precious creature that teaches mankind about strong vulnerability.

There's a lot to say about how women shape societies all over the world. Movements of women's liberation span all over history, in different contexts in time. My question here comes from within, from being a woman and how that influences my life. I'm incredibly grateful for have never considered myself anything but wild and free. I'm incredibly grateful for having the courage of the women of my family to handle life and do what I can with what I have, making gold out of charcoal.

Women show how strong vulnerability works, how it is possible to be true to one's emotions, thoughts, morals and values and still be strong to nurse an infant at 4:07am. Women show how fierce is motherhood in the face of a threat. These urban lionesses protect the young because their own lives depend on it.

There have been so many women that we can say shaped the world we live today, seldomly in silence, seldomly without a smile on their faces. Strong women thrive in the anger of injustice, in the wilderness of rebellious emotions. Strong women empower all people, men and women alike. Strong women cry and drink way too much too. Strong women are capable of healing themselves and others simply by existing in this world. Strong women dance alone, together, or in the car in traffic to the joy of being alive, every single day, even if just for a second. Strong women have weaknesses and make of them strenghts. Strong women smile with tears in their eyes and fight for a better tomorrow. Strong women love and hurt, and scream and withdraw.

I've met a lot of strong and wild and free women in my life. I've had a lot of rolemodels to follow on my path. I've never met one single strong woman who didn't question herself in every step she took along the way. I've never met one single strong woman who didn't make a thousand mistakes before getting it right. I've never met one single strong woman who didn't want to build a healthy ego for herself. I've never met one single strong woman who didn't go through charcoal on fire to be the strong woman she is today.

So, this ode to strong and wild women is my gift to our legacy.