Shared kindness.

When we speak of dimensions of self, we mean the “frequency in which we vibrate” towards ourselves and others. When we go through the horrors of our past traumas, guilt and perceived mistakes, we feel like there is little hope left and there seems little to hang on to.

Today, I want to speak of the idea of depression versus the diagnosable mental condition called Depression. We all go through periods of depression, it’s a state in which we fall and are forced to deal with the worse of our emotions. For some of us, medical attention is needed. For others, a more holistic approach. For others, only faith saves us. For some, all of the above is required.

When I go through periods of facing my shadow, I know I don’t lose myself in it. I can find myself in the good, the wishing the best for myself and others, the guilt of feeling the need for vendetta for what was done in the past.

Meditation and Yoga are my lifesavers when I’m in this state. A lot of faith in the future and seeking support outside of myself. Sometimes I go to a church and just sit in the quiet. I don’t ask for anything, I don’t feel I need to ask for anything.

I find peace in love and shared kindness.

Today, a Metta meditation is my recipe for the disaster we feel we are sometimes.

With love,