What's feminine?

"When I say the feminine, I don’t mean gender. I mean the feminine principle that is living—or suppressed—in both men and women. The feminine principle attempts to relate. Instead of breaking things off into parts, it says, Where are we alike? How can we connect? Where is the love? Can you listen to me? Can you really hear what I am saying? Can you see me? Do you care whether you see me or not?
Now, these are very serious questions. And the feminine is difficult to talk about because so few people have experienced it. The feminine is presence, and relatedness, and a heart that can open so that when you meet another person you actually are seeing that person’s authentic self. What meaning does human life have if nobody has ever seen you?
I can’t tell you the number of people—men and women—who have sat in my office sobbing, saying, “Nobody ever saw me. Nobody ever had time to listen. So I am unlovable”—the saddest word in the language. Sometimes I’ve had a real flood of feeling about somebody, and I put out my hand and they say, “Don’t touch me. I’m unlovable.” And they mean it. As a child, that person was raised where the feminine was not present. You have to experience the feminine to understand it.
Ask yourself: As a child, who saw you? Who heard you? Was there anyone with whom you could be totally yourself and to whom you could trust your heart responses and speak your soul responses? Someone who made you think, “Gosh, I am somebody. They’re happy that I’m here.”
The great work of our time is to bring the feminine into this culture. And it’s not an easy path. How does each one of us contribute? Believe it or not, it’s done in the most personal ways. Take time to listen to your dreams, to write them down. Take time to recognize that there are things going on within you that need to be felt, or said, or lived, or grieved. Pay attention to these things both in yourself and in the people in your life. Pay attention to the authentic self.
... Love is the real power. It’s the energy that cherishes. The more you work with that energy, the more you will see how people respond naturally to it, and the more you will want to use it. It brings out your creativity and helps everyone around you flower. Your children, the people you work with—everyone blooms — everyone blooms."
- Marion Woodman

We need to talk about what’s really feminine. What’s the female energy and how that translates into female and male action. We need to start dialoguing about the current feminist role and if it’s appropriate for all genders, and we need to speak about what it has done to the female gender as a whole - the good, the bad and the ugly.

The feminine (not feminist, feminine) movement has brought to the light a new kind of womanhood - with it’s light and dark sides equally displayed. The “Wild and Free” brand is not that wild and free, but it attempts to be wild within limits and free within constraints. Being free is being authentic, being free is unleashing the grips of the need of dependency and understanding resillience. And even then, being free is being free from that as well. The new feminine asks women to try to achieve a status of perfection that it’s impossible to acheive. The new feminine asks women to be goddesses, yoga-fit while dancing to the Goddess and pledging allegiance to things they do not understand. The new feminine begs for liberation while doing so, in this call for attention in a society that plagues both men and women alike with the same symptom: lack of emotional presence, lack of respect for the true lightness of being that is authenticity, lack for the belief in true leadership, but fueling delusions, ego trips and unhealthy obsessions with the body. The new feminine that is supposed to be the epithome of womanhood is nothing more than a mask to have instagram followers, people to subdue with chants of morality that leave moral philosophers of all ages rolling in their cripts. This new feminine is a bullet lodged in the heads of women who want nothing more than spiritual protection and affection from their peers. The disconnection social media brings, masking itself as the only true connection, fuels this delusions by masking it as the new dawn of womanhood, when in fact it consists exactly in the same methods as previous generations of control over womanhood and what womahood really means.

So, lets try and understand this trend. Let’s try and understand the true meaning of feminine. We can’t do that unless we understand what’s masculine in it, like the Yin-Yang that it is. From the Vedic ages, Shakti and Shiva represent the feminine and masculine energies. From Ancient Egypt, Isis and Osiris. From Christ, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. There has been, throughout history, thousands of gods and goddesses that have attributes, but nothing like the original God and original Goddess. No one really understands what it means, truth be told. No one really understands, because human beings, as much as they want to - they are not gods and goddesses. For the true Spiritual practices calling yourself Mary Magdalene or Shakti is of the utmost disrespect. Daring to say you’re a God could land you in a mental health hospital for paranoid schizophrenia, with good measure. It’s a delusion of control.

For those in the human species who believe in free will, and for those who believe in determinism, we can only understand two things - action and reaction.

The further you fall from yourself, the harder it will be to find yourself. That’s just how it goes.

A few recent years ago, before this boom in women using the Goddess’s names for their own personal gain, there was a rise of people trying to channel the Gods, practice that still exists today. This originated people channeling aliens, inter-dimensional species, and other beings that people believe exist. So, being religious, spiritual or not, people started, en masse, following the idea that there is more out there than what it is said to exist. Rightly so, we are all entitled to our own imaginations, ideas and shared commonalities, so we group with people with similar ideas - that’s fine and the basis of the social being.

Self-appointed gurus gathered followers from all walks of life to listen to these beings talk in these people’s voices. Nowadays, you just browse the hashtag #goddess on Instagram to witness the millions and million dollar delusion of people in this movement. People promise each other things like Goddess status in exchange to being able to manipulate their environments with a simple marketing tactic called “Social Proof”. “Social Proof” is the con-mans way of making you act a certain way by manipulating your environment and hence, your ability to choose within a very narrow range of possibilities. This is also what Facebook and Instagram do. Learning how to market yourself as the Goddess Isis with little understanding, to no respect to what the Goddess represents, and gather millions of followers so you can sell your products is insulting to the Gods and proof you do not believe in them, and if you do, I’m quite positive there is hell to pay.

It is against this new brand of feminine I’m against. The feminine does not need guidance to be itself, it just is. The feminine and masculine are understandibly itselves without the need for anyone to demand more of it. Otherwise the universe would not exist, according to these beliefs.


The feminine and the masculine can be both beautiful as they can shine their ugly to you, and this is the proof of this. It does not seem to me the Gods are very keen on humanity, given the mass extinction warnings that the scientific community brings forth. It does not seem to me either God or the Goddess would waste time with a whole wide world to save in the precious life of a previledged rich white person and her womb dances to show how much of a Goddess she is. It does not seem to me that God would require proof that someone is a Goddess by demanding twerking, as I’ve seen somewhere. It seems to me that the Gods would laugh and carry on not paying attention to this madness.

The feminine energy is to be revered, not used and abused. The feminine energy is Mother Earth, Mother Gaea, and it needs our help now instead of pleads for attention and instagram followers.

The disrespect shown for the masculine energy that follows, begs for the question if true femininity needs to be against masculinity to exist, needs to be what it is not to be accepted, needs nothing more than to be authentic to have the right to be here on this planet. As far as I’m concerned, Instagram followers is not proof of God’s love, but it might be, who am I to say?

This new feminine comes from colonialist cultural appropriation and it’s disheartening to witness how surpressed true femininity in it is. There is a widening disrespect for the culture and attempts to mascarade that fact with more cultural appropriation without understanding of what the culture they attempt to appropriate is about.

It is not understood by this new movement how it is that the Goddess even asks to be revered. This has been a problem of the ages in the West, when women were raped by these same principles by societies who had not understood the role of the feminine. It is the exact same thing, cultural appropriation brings wrong usage of these symbols.

So we need to dialogue about this problem. We need to understand how respect of the other does not need to engrandize the other to god status to be worth of life and affection. We do not need thousands of instagram followers to be spiritually valid, or even to have clients for our businesses. What we need, desperately need, is respect for cultures, for nature, for the feminine and masculine principles alike.

How many more men need to surpress their emotions, how many more men need to be on our side for us to understand it’s a question of human unity we need, not more division, labeling and delusion?

How many more of us need to fall prey to con-man marketing techniques instead of working on ourselves and meeting our darkness? How much more do we need to ask people to change their ways, to be in communion with what’s natural and let go of this incessant need to appear, to have fame, to be walking gods on earth. What would be the embarassement of these people, if the Gods did come to Earth and tell them: “Look, you’re not me, are you? And you know it.”

The need to be gods is what got us into this climate mess. Are we really going to continue hitting the same keyboard and saying we’re God’s favorites?

I think the union of the masculine and feminine within us is a humblness act of understanding our own flawed, impermanent and mortal mess, and that is a very hard pill to swallow. This is a symptom of the running away from ourselves to not meet our own needs, but the needs of others we seek attention from. This idol following screaming match has gone too far.