The Age of Change

We live in a time when everything is changing and we feel the pressure to either keep up or give up. Mental health problems worldwide have never been so high, stress, anxiety and depression have been on an all-time peak, and there are those who capitalize from suffering, creating circles of interdependence that keep people stuck on services they can barely afford (think food overconsumption leading to health problems, as an example).

It seems easy nowadays, to just pick up and change your entire life from scratch. A lot of people, in this globalized world, move countries to start anew - new jobs, new families. Others move to the country side and begin to believe a lot more on self-reliance. Others keep their spirits up in the urban centers where they evoke change. Others can barely keep afloat with the demands of their every day living, and can’t think about the changes they feel they need to make in order to have a better life and future for themselves and their families.


I do not believe one single bit that there is one person in this globalized world who isn’t at least a little bit worried about their future. Those who have money, are facing the questions on where to invest it in order to keep having it in the future, and those who don’t keep thinking of ways of making more in order to just survive. It has become a polarized world of who has more and who has less and the public narrative is stuck on this duality of “having”.

An idea that has occurred to a lot of us, is to change the “having-consuming” mindset to “making-reusing” mindset. It’s not new, it has existed since the dawn of the human species. Some might think we need to go back in time, others want progress, others want continuous unregulated growth.

It’s not a lie that politics have become, in the least, a gray area. The line that divides government parties and ideologies have become tenuous. We barely know what we really defend anymore, or on what source of information to believe in.

More and more, people are advocating for others to think for themselves, as if any kind of originality in thought will bring about the much needed change we all crave nowadays.

The problem isn’t who advocates for change, but those who are adamant in keeping things as they are because of convenience. The hope that everything will turn out ok in the end, is a Hollywoodesc interpretation of reality - the Disney’s Happy Ever After ending. More and more it has come to our understanding that we all need to make a change, a big shift in our every day living, in order to even survive and give a future to our children and grandchildren.

There is also the catastrophic “I give up” happening inside, the self-destructive button that we want to push because we are witnessing first hand what our outer destruction can bring to ourselves, others and our environment. So this change that needs to happen is not only on the outside world of ourselves, but inside ourselves too, otherwise nothing happens and everything just goes back to being the same way.

The shift that is begging to happen takes front on all the human circle stages. From economic to spiritual, to our relationships and even on our own self-talk.

Personally, I find it amazing that we’re alive in such an age. I find it trully amazing that we are able to be a part of this shift in perception about who we are on this planet, what we are doing to it and ourselves, how we function in our relationships and how that effects everything around us, creating a butterfly effect that will affect others on the other side of the world.

All of a sudden you see thousands of new communities of people advocating for a peaceful transition into a new Global Mindful Solution. The way we consume is not sustainable for the planet, the way we demand action from power is not sustainable to our relationships, the way we invest our time in not changing anything is not sustainable for the future of our future generations.

All of this has reached a tipping point of whoever is not part of the shift that is happening, will be dragged into it whether they like it or not.

So, I’m happy to be alive today because the very much needed human fear of our survival threat is fueling a global iniciative of regenerating the earth and creating a new paradigm not only in consciousness but on the environment we’re in as a consequence.

Thank you, you, for being a part of it, whether you like it or not.

With love,