Why I'm a Life Coach


There is a lot of writing and saying being done that invalidade Life Coaches, primarily for it being a very unregulated field, which brings about a suspicion and mistrust, which is valid. I can feel behing some of my friend’s smiles the mistrust and mockery about this life decision I’ve made. And it was a very easy life decision. For those who have known me for a long time, know that I have a deep interest in Spirituality, Consciousness and individual spiritual paths.

I’ve tried (and accomplished with good results) to study Social Sciences, in order to help change fields like the Mental Health field as an example, amongst others. Quickly I realized the dirts of science, how full of preconceptions it is, how uncapable some scientists seem in working transversally through multiple fields, the smallness and isolationism of national academias, wrong methodologies spread in articles with worldwide dissemination, the opinion-results, the favoritism in attributing scholarships, competition between various fields that contribute nothing positive to the wholeness of science itself, and how the religion Science has become a stage of differing opinions and viewpoints, which everyone agrees with without second thought. All it takes is an article that mentions “Scientists have said that…” to be taken as an universal truth.

What bothered me most in that path of self-discovery I took through the sciences, was the incapability of the scientific collective to acknowledge the sentience of other animals, trees, plants, fungi and so forth. It’s like it’s a surprise to most when something makes us realize that an animal has intelligence. That baffled me and changed my whole perception over food, consumption and way of life.

So I realized I needed to be a part of an internal revolution, to help others be a part of their own internal revolutions, so I decided to start this project. It took a few turns, I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to contribute to it, and I grew increasingly tired of watching the same old delusional patterns repeating themselves for decades on end on social media’s spiritualism.

So, I contribute with the new I have to contribute, which is my own brand of working, but most of all I open my clients up for their own thinking and assertion of things as they see it, I help them get out of their confusion by giving them tools to work with, some created by me others adaptations of things I found and worked with myself. That is a coach, someone who gives you the tools to empower yourself.

Something got lost in the scientific community, or was never there to begin with, which is the inherent respect for what is alive. The seeing people and animals, plants, trees, as utilitarian instead of life manifesting itself.

So, I make a point of my clients not being utilities to me, but people with life inside that beg for understanding and commitment, full of capacity to change the world in their own way. And I’m proud to be a part of that movement.

I do learn a lot from the sciences, particularly biology and neuroscience, also psychology and theology, sociology and anthropology and many others. I take ideas from it and use them in my work as well, so all is not lost.

I’m a huge proponent of making the brigde between the sciences and spirituality, I do not believe they are or should be mutually exclusive. When we accept both into our lives, there is beautiful transformation. We can take in both the poetry and the prose and live well with it.