Shared kindness.

When we speak of dimensions of self, we mean the “frequency in which we vibrate” towards ourselves and others. When we go through the horrors of our past traumas, guilt and perceived mistakes, we feel like there is little hope left and there seems little to hang on to.

Today, I want to speak of the idea of depression versus the diagnosable mental condition called Depression. We all go through periods of depression, it’s a state in which we fall and are forced to deal with the worse of our emotions. For some of us, medical attention is needed. For others, a more holistic approach. For others, only faith saves us. For some, all of the above is required.

When I go through periods of facing my shadow, I know I don’t lose myself in it. I can find myself in the good, the wishing the best for myself and others, the guilt of feeling the need for vendetta for what was done in the past.

Meditation and Yoga are my lifesavers when I’m in this state. A lot of faith in the future and seeking support outside of myself. Sometimes I go to a church and just sit in the quiet. I don’t ask for anything, I don’t feel I need to ask for anything.

I find peace in love and shared kindness.

Today, a Metta meditation is my recipe for the disaster we feel we are sometimes.

With love,



About mental fog, delusional wishes and how to develop keen observation.


We are constantly bombarded by information. We seek in multiple channels what speaks to us, according to the place we are in life. Sometimes that changes, and cognitive dissonance ensues, in order to achieve some sort of harmony in our soul's melody.

The internet, social media especially is full of wishful thinking and delusional paranoia, pronoia and both extremes. It's easy to think, extremelly easy, that the world is both awful and awe-full. It's easy to think we are completely helpless and it's easy to think, by looking at how human beings basically control the planet, how we can achieve some sort of God Status. In the case of spirituality, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking we can get divinity status simply by awakening our souls into realms of the unknown. This makes us fall into the traps of delusion. In extreme cases, medical intervention is necessary. I've seen throughout my life multiple cases of people who've "awakened" to states that simply can't ever be possible for the human being. Being real with ourselves, what are our true capabilities, what we can achieve, the GOOD we can bring into the world, is in fact much healthier for us than to believe we can enhance capabilities and be super-humans (remember Neitzsche who said God is dead? I blame him for this epidemy of confusion.) It's easy to believe we can only change things if we're super-human, because we feel so helpless by the pain that surrounds us. In fact, and in reality, every kindness act, every good gesture, every smile and shared meal helps another person fight the loneliness that this life of extreme consumerism and disdain for what in fact, simply is - call it Mother Earth, God, Goddess, Divine Plan, what have you. My question here is, what does truly matter here? That we awaken delusional superpowers within ourselves, or that we grab what we've established in our lives, develop our talents and find what truly matters to make this world a better place?
A big spirituality trap is to fall for the delusion that we can be Gods on this planet, when the truth of the matter is that no one truly knows what a God even is, what it means, we just feel helpless.
So, my next questions are: How to empower women and men all over the world to make a change in our environmnents that truly matters? How to bring more kindness and less insanity into this world? How to be more in tune with what is our identity, how to develop a healthy ego? These questions are truly meant to provoke, to create a question inside of you that brings you to a land of sanity in the craziness that is the flow of life.
We are not robots that need tweaking to be made better, we are people who deserve self-care, self-love and to not be exploited by others who think they can profit from our ignorance over ourselves.
Are human beings destined to be controled by delusion, or can we start looking at humanity with the fresh look of a new beginning?
How can we not fall prey to the insanity of others? How can we protect ourselves from harm? With love, kindness and self-care, which means self-protection.

With love,

The Value of Insight

The mental phenomenon of insight is an amazing ability, if you ask me. And the more it is developed, the more of a tool it can become. It has a certain characteristic of recognizing and allowing a thought or emotion to happen, then the process of investigation of it's action/reaction context, then the turning it into a conclusion on how to act inside a specifically small or larger timeframe, and the nuances that response may provoke. Applied to any given situation, it's certainly an asset.

The nurturing with self-compassion gives us the right emotional frame in which to develop a wider awareness into life, ourselves included.

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The daily practice of meditation, daily practice of mindfulness and other things like Shadow Work, all services I’ll be providing, are a must for self-development and corner stones for enlightenment.

“No one becomes enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung

I do love both the word insight as the word awareness. In my language we don't have an immediate translation of these words. Insight we call insight, and awareness is translated to "consciousness", which is kind of poetic, thinking about it. I especially appreciate this explanation of insight: "penetrating mental vision or discernment; faculty of seeing into inner character or underlying truth". This is the way I see it, the ability to see behind the veil of illusion.

With love, Matilde

Mindfulness meetings coming soon

Photo by Lesly Juarez, taken from Unsplash

Photo by Lesly Juarez, taken from Unsplash

More often than not we’re stuck on a mindless journey through life, an auto-pilot mode. We do things unware of doing them, we react innadvertedly to circunstances, we speak without true awareness of what we’re saying, and so forth.

In the upcoming months, I’ll be facilitating a weekly meeting of like-minded individuals who wish to work together on becoming more mindful. I’ll provide exercises and challenges to get you started. I’m there to mediate the meeting on whatever reason necessary, and help you to learn how to be more mindful in your daily life.

Have I mentioned this is completely free of charge? That’s right, I believe everyone has the right to learn how to be present without needing to pay for milenia-old natural conscious knowledge.

Stay tuned for more information!

With love, Matilde.