Hi! I’m Matilde.

I’m an Energy Healer and a Life Coach, specialized in the Spiritual field, primarily through meditation and mindfulness, with special interest in how the mind, body and soul interact with the environment.

I went through a very dark period in my life where my energies were flying high and low and firing in all directions. After a huge breakdown that landed me in a hospital, I spent years in isolation finding myself and healing myself with my methods. I discovered that there is no real healing without the union between Body, Mind and Soul.

I’ve naturally seen energies and the spirits of things since I was a young child. From that age I’ve learned multiple ways in which to communicate with the Universe and be in touch with what can’t be seen. I’ve seen the usually unseen of light as well as of darkness, and with that I’ve learned the values of integrity and kindness, compassion for self and others and unconditional acceptance of all that exists.

I have helped heal myself and others in very interesting and not always straightforward ways.

I have a special interest in divination and spirit guides, so it’s common in my work to find me resorting to these practices.

I’m always willing to learn more about the spiritual, as well as this gravity-bound, worlds, and the main reason I’m in this line of business is to flourish alongside you, learn together and grow together.

I truly hope you find comfort in working with me, and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you!

With love, Matilde


Lotus Blossoming Mission

The main goal for creating Lotus Blossoming, is to spread the idea that what empowers us is not something outside of ourselves, that what moves us are not external forces, that what makes us One with all is not an abstract concept.

My personal mission is to empower People in realizing what their true gifts and powers are, in what way they can serve themselves, humanity and the Earth, so that the realization of Spirit becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Happiness and fulfillment is not for the designated few, they are states of being.

The ripple effect of the kindness and the good we can all make, can truly change how human beings present themselves in this reality, that is my belief.

The different types of services I provide


Meditation & Mindfulness

When we’re always in a hurry, attempting to “be on top” of everything (and sometimes everyone), be perfect, do everything right, and our minds go a million miles per hour on hyperdrive without a second to remember to breathe… We need meditation.

When we’re lost, unsure, with perpetual low mood, anxious and fearful… We need meditation.

When we’re well in life, grounded, confident and sure of ourselves… We need meditation.

The benefits of mindfulness & meditation are no hidden secret anymore, from physical health to mental and soul health, it’s the perfect antidote for the chaos that is modern life.

Learning to pause, take a breath, be aware of our bodies and our behaviors might be a little intimidating for sure. I’m here to support your first steps in your mindful journey.


Energy Healing

Whether we’re aware of it or not, all of what and who we are is energy.

Sometimes our souls get lost in the jungle of reality. Sometimes our energies are out of tune with our values and who we are. Sometimes we just need to take responsibility for what we’re emanating to our environments. Sometimes we just want to feel better…

In Energy Healing sessions, you just need to go with the flow, and allow “What Is” to take care of you.

I also perform Energy Healing on pets, places, situations, plants and objects - whatever or woofever you think needs a refreshener in positive energy, you can count on me.


Spiritual Guidance

& Coaching

Some of us know exactly where we are, how we came here and where we want to be. Some of us don’t, and sometimes that feeling of being somehow lost in space and time bleeds out into all areas of our lives.

One of the things I’ve been known for is that I have a keen ability of finding where it “hurts” and know what to do to make it better.

I have a 100% naturalistic type of intelligence, which means I thrive in natural settings and I see natural patterns clearly. This ability puts me in a position of actually being able to help people be more in tune with what some might call the Great Mother, Mother Earth or simply, Earth or Nature.

My primary goal with my Life Coaching work, both Spiritual and for Wellness, is to help people be sustainable within themselves and with the environment, our natural habitat. I have techniques and game plans for both men and women to thrive in urban and rural, personal, spiritual or business areas, in order to be in tune with the energies of the planet and to give as much as we take, flourishing our lives this way.


Guiding Spirits Realms

For as long as I can remember, I have a very special relationship with the Spirit World and a very easy access to the realms of guiding spirits.

Through practices that I’ve developed on my own out of intuition, plus divination and fortune telling, I’ve been a messenger for these Spirits. This helps my clients and friends stay true to their paths. As I’m conscious of my place in this vastness, and with the humility necessary to be on the good side, the loving side, I can help attune people to their guides.


The Divine Feminine

All of this connection to the Universe and Spirit Realms and Energies couldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for my honest, conscious and respectful relationship with all that is sacred in my womanhood. I love what makes me me, and that is divine for me.

I love to see women flourish and be healthy with their bodies, minds and souls within the spirit of the Great Goddess. With whatever is in my ability to do, I will always help women find the path the Goddess has for them, free of charge.


Intuition & Divination

I’ve been practicing reading the Tarot for more than 20 years now. It was one of the first things that helped me get in contact with Spirit, Guiding Spirits and Energies.

I have an absurd amount of love for the divination arts and for those who practice it respectfully. I don’t believe everyone is naturally gifted for it, but I also believe it is an art form to be developed.

One of my biggest pleasures is to be a messenger between realms, so it’s my idea of fun to draw the Tarot for anyone.

Fair warning though, the way the tarot works with me is that the cards will tell you what the guides or Universe think you need to hear, I don’t really go around trying to please people in my readings. They aren’t usually negative, as good things come out of negative things, as we all know, but sometimes they’re really… to the point! Which can make you feel uncomfortable.


Professional Credentials

More than personal experience in these areas and personal lifelong study, I also have and am working on getting my professional credentials in the areas that I want to work with.

I have certification as a Mindfulness Practioner Life Coach, and am working towards a Mindfulness Practitioner Certificate through Achology.

I’m a certified Meditation teacher and Energy Healer.

I’m a certified Reiki Master and Chakra Healer.

I’m working on a diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching with the Centre of Excellence, and I’m working towards other international certified diplomas in the area of Life Coaching through Achology, Transformation Academy and with the Webstudy platform in Portugal.

I’m working on getting diplomas and certifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Art Therapy, Shamanic Art Therapy, Shadow Work Practitioner, Yoga Theories and Practices, and much more.


Coming up on the horizon

Coming up as services in the following months…

Shadow Work

Dance movement therapy

Art therapy

Shamanic Rituals


Addiction recovery support

all of this as solo sessions or included in the Spiritual Coaching sessions.



Thank you so much for being on this planet!

I’m truly thankful to be of service to you and your loved ones.

If you like my services,

please send me a review.